Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Missing Dinosaur
‘This is the dragon that was in our room last night,’ Pipi said to his elder brother. Both of them had been intently looking at the picture of a dinosaur on the truck parked near their home.
‘Stupid, it’s not a dragon; it’s a dinosaur. And how could it have come into our room? It’s only a picture and not a real dinosaur.’ Pipi’s brother was always intolerant of his kid brother’s ignorance. He was only three years senior to his brother but he was sure that he knew many things of which his kid brother was totally ignorant.
‘Believe me, you were asleep but I was not. I saw this dra…..dinsaur. It was in the room. It even licked my cheek.
‘You must have been dreaming or imagining things.’
‘I was not dreaming and I was not imagining.’ Pipi said petulantly, ‘If you don’t believe me then we can come and check at night.’
Despite his self-assurance Pipi had made his brother curious; he agreed that they would come out in the night and check for themselves.
No sooner had their parents gone to their bedroom, Pipi and his brother quietly left their house.  The truck was still parked at the same place.
They sneaked as close to the truck as was possible.
Pipi almost shouted in excitement, ‘Was I dreaming or imagining? See, the dinosaur is missing. It has gone; it must be somewhere around.’
His elder brother could not believe his eyes; there was no dinosaur in the picture pasted on the truck.
‘Let’s go back now.’ Pipi felt that his brother was scared; and that pleased him.

 A post for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers on a picture prompt.


  1. Nicely done.

  2. Awww, that is cute! Pipi has the upper hand now over his brother because he has him scared! LOL! Cute story!

  3. haha a little one upping is never a bad thing

    1. Thanks Pat, dream of any kid brother to see the senior scared shit

  4. A super story. Brought back memories when my younger brother and I used to play dragon games. We didn't see any though :)

  5. Cute story! Being older doesn't necessarily make you less scared. And some things are more frightening to you than others.