Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Point of View
‘Grandpa, what is this giant doing?’ asked the little boy, his left hand was on his raised chin.
‘I think he is supporting that pathway, up there.’
 The little boy looked intently at the statute and said, ‘To me it seems that he is holding up the sky.’
‘Are you sure?’ grandpa asked incredulously. He always enjoyed this game that they often played with each other.
‘Just bend a bit and look from here,’ the boy said, pointing towards his forehead. Grandpa had to bend a lot and it hurt his back; but still it was a fun that he didn’t want to miss.
‘You are right; he is holding up the sky.’
Grandpa was not prepared for what the boy was about to say.
‘Same thing can look differently to two people?’
‘Yes, that’s possible. From here it looks the giant is holding up the pathway but from your place he seems to be holding up the sky.’
‘So that must be the problem between you and grandma?  She must be looking at things from her place; that’s why you keep arguing?’
For once grandpa was left speechless.

A post for Flash Fictionfor Aspiring Writers on a photo prompt


  1. It is always a new perspective to see things from a child's point of view! Sweet story! I hope grandpa gets the message! Great story!!

  2. Wise words indeed! Children see things from a simpler point of view. A gem!

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  3. Wow! Left me speechless. I'm loving your stories. Thanks for such a sweet story.

    1. thanks for your consistent encouragement

  4. lol things are always seen in a different light by kids

    1. they are uncomplicated, thanks for stopping by

  5. From the mouth of babes.. children always uncomplicate things :) Enjoyed this!