Sunday, 26 December 2021


The Gift

“Stop, stop….” the kid shouted. The car stopped.

“What happened?”

“He was there?” he pointed to a tall building. “I saw him, he was waving at me.”

“Who? Who was there?” papa was annoyed. They were already late.

“The Wizard…. Wizard of Oz.”

“No, not again. Please stop reading that book. You already read it ten times.”

“You think it makes me addled brained?”


“…. he was there.”

They finally reached their home.

“What’s that?” the kid pointed to the Christmas tree near the door.  

It surprised him. They hadn’t ordered it.

There was a card too, ‘Keep dreaming, Kid. The Wizard.’


 A post for Friday Fictioneers

Word count 103

Saturday, 18 December 2021


The Will

When uncle’s Will was read, Sandy and I were dumbfounded. But everyone else was joyous. And they had a hearty laugh at our expense.

Uncle loved his vintage car-it was a 1951 Cadillac. I too was in love with that car and wished to own it one day.

Uncle was proud of his wine cellar-it was a treasure. No one could enter it except Sandy. He was always praying that uncle would give it to him.

But uncle had willed otherwise. I inherited the wine cellar. Sandy got the Cadillac.

Everyone laughed. I am a teetotaler and Sandy can’t drive.


A post for Friday Fictioneers