Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Car Race
154 05 May 1st 2016
He was not fond of car racing; in fact he thought it would be a waste of time. But Hiroshi had suggested that he should accompany him. 
Hiroshi was the CEO of the biggest auto company in Japan and he was hopeful of entering into successful joint venture with that company. If the deal went through, it would be another feather in his cap.
He was rather eager to rush through the deal and proceed with his European trip which had already got delayed.
But Hiroshi was a person who could not be hurried. In fact everything that Hiroshi did was done at a slow, leisurely pace. He was enjoying the race like a child; they had the best seats and the hospitality was mouthwatering. 
‘These racing cars remind me of what Lao Tzu has said somewhere,’ Hiroshi said in his usual unhurried manner. 
He looked at Hiroshi, unsure of what was coming. He had vaguely heard of Lao Tzu.
‘Never be first in the world….….by not presuming to be first in the world one can develop one’s talent and let it mature’.
At that moment two cars crashed on the track. It was an accident that would alter his life for ever.
The deal was concluded but he left the world of business; it was no use trying to be first in the world and loose oneself.
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