Friday, 6 May 2016

A Winding Road

He was driving down the winding road. It was almost after fifteen years that he was going back to the place from here he had come to seek his destiny.
‘It’s no use being unselfish; it never pays in this amoral world. I wish I had been brought up differently. It was stupid of me; I should have known that they could backstab. I ought to have been cautious and………selfish.’
He was lost in such thoughts when a car tried to overtake him from the wrong side. He realized only in the nick of time that his car could be knocked away from the road. Instinctively he swerved a bit and applied the brakes to avoid a possible collision.
‘Is it foolish to be moral?’ he asked himself, almost loudly. He heard no reply and reluctantly he restarted the car.
‘Will this winding road ever end?’

Word prompts- winding, unselfish, amoral


  1. very interesting piece :-)

  2. Some people have very little morals, makes those who do wonder indeed

  3. We are constantly struggling to resolve this conflict. Don't think there an absolute answer.

  4. Cool short story. I like what you did with the prompt.
    Thanks for visiting me during A to Z. I tagged you in a post on my blog.

  5. Interesting question. What is the answer?