Thursday, 19 May 2016

156 05 May 15th 2016
‘Where is he?’
‘In one of those cable cars.’
‘Which one?’
‘How would I know? I got delayed; I was collecting the receipt for cigarettes that I had bought.  By the time I reached here he had already gone.’
‘How could be you so careless?’
‘If you want a receipt for every penny spent then put at least two men to track a devious person like him; one will keep collecting the receipts and other can track him.’
‘But we can’t afford to deploy more people; the expenditure is about to overshoot the contract amount.’
‘Boss wants to steal the formula of neupron bomb but he behaves like an accountant and not as a mafiosi.’
‘There’s so much of competition; some people were willing to take up this contract at half the amount. Now, in such a situation he has to think of strict check on the expenses.’
‘Now what do we do? We can’t track him sitting here.’
‘Let us cut the power supply; I know how it can be done; then he will come after us, he has to, he has a big ego, this Mr Bond.’
‘I truly envy Mr Bond, the way he spends government monies and doesn’t have to collect any receipts; lucky fellow.’
Mr Bond had been quietly overhearing this conversation; he was not in the cable car but standing close by, keeping a close watch on the two pathetic hoodlums.
Mr Bond smiled and lit another Splendo, a cigar costing just seventy five bucks.
A post for Sunday PhotoFiction on a photo prompt.

Word count 251