Monday, 30 May 2016

The Wish
‘Grandpa, I wish I could fly like them,’ the child raised his little finger upwards.
‘Me too,’ grandpa said wistfully.
‘If the apostles could grant me one wish, I would….with their blessings…fly….. I mean.’
‘Let’s enter into a secret pact, you and me, a pact not to be ever broken. I will teach you to fly, like a bird. But you have to pay a price. You will have to stay with me; for some weeks.  It takes time; I can’t push you hard, you are just a little kid.’
‘But grandpa we are leaving in two days.’
The old man looked up and said nothing.
‘But when I am big enough to take care of us, maybe I will come and stay with you.’
The old man couldn’t gloss over the reality. He could feel a buzz deep within; it hurt.
The old man laughed, a bit loudly, ‘Give me a hug and let’s go out and enjoy some cherry pies.’
A post for Sunday’sWhirigig
Word prompts-apostle, blessing, broken, gloss, buzz, hug, pact, push, price, hard, care, pies.
Flash Fiction forAspiring Writers on a picture prompt.

Word count 162