Friday, 26 December 2014


                                                                                  Photo prompt-copyright-Bjorn Rudberg

Everyone, except her, was asleep; only she had slogged for fifteen hours.  
She left the room. The Moon was shining; and to her surprise it was unusually large. There were stairs reaching the Moon. She thought she saw someone bidding her to come up.
“I must be dreaming.”
She climbed the stairs. Half way up she looked back; all she could see was darkness. Frightened, she ran up the stairs.
“Who was there? It was mother? No, it can’t be her.”
She was tired and wanted to sleep. But the climb would not end.
“I wish I had never come”.
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Word count 100


“It is a brilliant idea,” he almost shouted seeing a glimmer of hope in what his father had just said.
But his father was taken aback by his exuberance and kept looking at him with thoughtful, nay suspicious eyes.
“What do mean by a brilliant idea, you must have misunderstood me?”
“You know it’s the only fervent desire I have and I am willing to accept any condition you may wish to lay.”
“I do not approve of her….never… no, I still hate pets,” father said, ignoring the dismay swelling in his young eyes. 
Word prompt – Glimmer
Word prompts- Brilliant, Fervent, Thoughtful,

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Being Fair

                                                                              Photo prompt-copyright-Douglas MacIlroy

He was just going by the book; if he had to be fair to everyone then he had to follow the rules. But some of them were not pleased. They thought that he was being too officious; in fact a few thought that it was a ruse to deliberately target them.
They started weaving a web of lies and deceit. He came to know of it; one of them, pretending to be a friend, had told him.
He was disheartened for he believed they were all his friends. He stuck to his path unmindful of the web that kept entangling him.

A post for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff on a photo prompt.

Word count 99
Misty Morning

It was a misty morning. He had loved misty mornings from his childhood. He felt so alive as if he was a bird flying majestically in the deep blue sky.

But how did this happen? There was something wrong; the incongruity was glaring at him but he could not figure out what it was.

He was moving through air, through walls, through trees, in fact through everything without the slightest hindrance. And there was his wife. She was not as tense and distraught as she used to be. But he could feel the silent tears rolling down her tired cheeks.
And then he was shocked to see himself, lying in that cold and heartless bed; but no longer joined to the ever humming and ticking machines.

He was at last free and alive on this misty morning.

Word prompts- Misty, Alive, Glaring

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Silence of the night
We had been walking almost for six hours. Sun was about to set. In these mountains darkness descends even before Sun has set.
“There is a hut over there,” he pointed towards a small hut not very far off.
“Let us go there; in any case we have no other option,” I was dead tired and was looking forward to a decent meal and a warm bed.
It was an old shepherd who welcomed us, “Are you going to the lake? Then you have surely lost your way.”
The hut was small and in a pathetic condition. A candle was burning in one corner; its dim light did not reach every corner of the hut.
“Can you arrange some food for us? We will pay,” I asked the old man.
“I have big rooster; it hates me,” said the old man.
Both of us looked at him; we were unable to comprehend what he was trying to imply.
“If you want I can cook it for you.”
Even before we could say anything he left the hut, leaving us surrounded by doubts and fears. 
Both of us were not inclined to talk. Everything was calm and quiet. But I thought that the enveloping silence was unnerving.  
We kept waiting for the old man but he did not come back.
Suddenly silence of the night was broken by a shrill cry.
Minutes passed by like hours. And then to our horror a rooster entered the hut and started strutting around. We just sat frozen in our places.
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Word prompts- Calm, Candle 

Friday, 12 December 2014


                                                                                         Photo prompt-copyright-Sandra Crook

“Thirty years may be long in the life of a man but for mother earth they count for nothing.”
He was drunk but he had not lost his acerbic tongue, “Sometimes thirty years are too long even for earth. Look at this stream; recall what it was like thirty years back. Now it is dying; it is almost dead.”
He was blunt as ever.
I finished the drink and unknowingly I threw the empty bottle in the junk that was killing the stream.
“We are too lethargic to worry about anyone else,” he looked at the empty bottle and grimaced.

Post for Friday Fictioneers on photo prompt
Word prompts-Blunt, Drunk, Lethargic
Word count 100

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Icicles

                                                                                  Photo prompt-copyright- Janet Webb

It would be the third winter that he would be all alone in this desolate place.
His son couldn't come even for mother’s funeral. He was too busy climbing corporate ladder. He had later called assuring that he would be with him on Christmas. Next year, he had said that he would surely try. This year he had not even called and Christmas was just a few days away.
He looked through the window. Everything was frozen. Tiny icicles hanging from frozen flowers attracted him.
“Did she like the icicles? No? Yes?”
It hurt him because he could not recall.

A post for Friday Fictioneers on a photo prompt.

Word count 100