Thursday, 12 May 2016

Treasure Hunt
155 05 May 8th 2015
He was confident that they were on island indicated on the map. It was a completely barren island with no sign of life anywhere.
‘This is our third trip to the island; we have already wasted lot of money and time. This is sheer madness and it has to end someday.’
‘Trust me, we will find the treasure. Everything written in that diary has thus far turned out to be true.’
‘I will be damned if take even one step forward till you promise that this would be our last trip.’
‘Stop this babble,’ but he had to give his promise.  The hunt for treasure began. He had marked the places where they had carried out a search during their previous trips. They headed for uncharted areas.  
 ‘There is something over there,’ his excitement was unbridled.
‘Looks like remains of an ancient box. This is the treasure we were looking for?’ brother’s voice was laced with sarcasm.
‘Why are you so testy? It proves that someone must have definitely come here.’ But even this find did not lead them to the hidden treasure.
Their provisions were almost exhausted. There was no option but to turn back.
‘How I cherish this dream….this dream of finding the treasure hidden on this island by our father’s grandfather.’ His lament did not impress his brother.
An old tree fell on the island. It displaced the ancient wooden box and uncovered a treasure hidden underneath. But the brothers were already far out in the sea.

Word count 248


  1. oooh, if they had stayed just a little longer ...

  2. aw how awful that they didn't find the treasure but maybe their greatest treasure is each other

  3. ouch. so near yet so far. that's why we should not give up because we never know when we're near. :)
    Great job!