Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Show
We were already late for the show. Siam looked at the road map, ‘Bit of a bad news, we should have turned left at the last crossing.’
‘And I see a road block up ahead; I was wondering why there was no traffic on this road. Let us turn back,’ she said mournfully.
As if this was not enough the kids started their rant, ‘We would be refused entry once the show begins. Why did we have to start after three? We could have left at two.’   
Without any thought I turned back; it was enough to provoke the kids, ‘We are late; we are late; we are late.’
‘Stop this chant,’ she shouted.
But I was not listening; from nowhere a mass of people had appeared; they were all running on the road, straight towards us.
‘What a flow of the spectators? Must be a great show,’ Siam commented; but I could sense a fear in his tone.
Soon they were all around us but they were no longer running; their flow had suddenly stopped. They surrounded us.
There was something odd about them. They were all in a trance. But perhaps I was mistaken.
One of them extended his hand towards me and said in a strange, ice-cold voice, ‘Welcome to the ghost town. Let the show begin.’  
A post for Sunday Whirl
Word prompts- mass, trance, flow, road, map, rant, bit, news, show, chant, after, block.

Word count 220


  1. oooh, I didn't expect that! Great story. I was in that car with them. It brought back memories of 'road trips' with my daughter :) (but luckily no ghost town trips :)).

    1. thanks Nicola, you never know what may happen if you take a wrong turn

  2. Need to call on Scooby Doo and the Ghostbusters too haha

  3. Omg! Scary... I think I would just pass out in such a situation Aroraji! Well done once again :)