Thursday, 5 May 2016

First Solo Flight
I had waited years for this day; but who could have imagined that the day would end as a farce.
As a little kid I had always wanted to be a pilot; of course on some days I had a desire to become an ice-cream seller. In between I had developed an attraction for uniforms and I had often wondered whether I should choose to be a cop or a bus conductor.
But I was given little option by our father who had already decided that one day I would run his departmental store. He had a very low opinion of my brothers; out of sheer frustration he allowed them to pursue their dreams.  I was the chosen one who inherited his business and his dream.
I did well for myself and the family. When everything that needed to be settled had been settled, I thought of pursuing my dream. It took some effort and lot of money before I learnt to fly. And finally the day came when I was told that I could fly solo.
It was my fiftieth birthday and everyone was there to watch my first solo flight. My brothers had also come, carrying a huge aeroplane; it was my birthday cake.
I was excited for I had waited years for this day. But perhaps I was overexcited and that was mistake. I would soon regret.
As I walked towards the aircraft everyone started clapping; the little kids, and there were many of them, were shouting gleefully. These were electrifying moments; I almost ran towards the aircraft.
Suddenly I tripped on something and fell; I had hurt my left foot. A doctor was summoned who advised that I should be promptly taken to an orthopaedic surgeon.
It was my first trip to a hospital and on a day for which I had waited for years.

A post for Flash Fictionfor the Purposeful Practitioner on a photo prompt and opening sentence, ‘I had waited years for this day…….’


  1. Another exciting story, but too much excitement can end in a farce. Gratefully, gone are the days when parents decided your future. My father regrets having done exactly that upto this day.

  2. Perhaps it was meant to be! Great story as usual.

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  3. A mini tragedy - a life used up on someone else's dream, then the spoiling of the characters own. Let's hope they get back in the plane soon

  4. Ugg, one little misstep, literally sometimes, can change life in many ways.

    1. one step here or there
      and you won't even know you land where
      thanks Pat

  5. Ahh! A tragic incident, but a great story!

  6. This was sheer tragedy but you've weaved a great story