Saturday, 28 May 2016

I am not staying here, honey,’ she blurted as she came out of the bathroom. She was looking perturbed.
‘Why?’ he asked in despair. They had been planning for this trip for three years and he did not want it to end the way their last holiday ended. Last time she had slipped in the bathroom within one hour of their arrival. She had badly damaged her ankle; they had to take the first flight back.
‘Please, it is nothing serious. Don’t get angry. I can sense your despair but I think I have blundered.’
‘Don’t talk in riddles, and tell me what is wrong.’
The first flight back would leave within three hours; they had to decide quickly.
‘There was a breakdown in the water supply in the morning and……I think I forgot to check the taps before leaving. I am afraid……… the taps aren’t closed.’ She could hardly utter the last few words.
‘The house would already be flooded if………’
He gave her a searing look and picked up the phone.

Word count 173


  1. Good next door neighbors come in handy then. Not sure he will forgive her the second time!

  2. Never let her do anything with bathrooms lol

  3. Oh no. She just has to ruin the vacation again. Maybe call neighbours or close friends? Or did she do it on purpose? Enjoyed your take!

  4. Going away is stressful -- can certainly empathise

  5. This is me! I always spend my holidays worrying about what I've left on, left plugged in, left unlocked, left.......

    My Sunday Threesome!

  6. History repeats itself! Better luck next time. Enjoyed this :) .

  7. Will they have courage to plan another vacation? I hope they do.
    Nicely written...