Saturday, 25 April 2015


A trade union leader had been killed. Political leaders who were in the wilderness did not waste even a minute to fish in the troubled waters. 
Rival groups were incited; they were told that the people in power were mere puppets on strings and would do anything to crush the workers.
Town exploded like a volcano. People were killed and injured; shops were looted; houses were burnt; vehicles were destroyed.
Everyone was stunned by the ferocity of violence.
Leaders who were in power and leaders who were thirsting for power met and decided that the violence has to end. They agreed to share the spoils equitably between the haves and have-nots. Every leader was given some office of profit or other. Those who pretended that they were not hankering for power were given government contracts to supply this or that.
Violence ended; it ended as quickly as it had begun.  
Peace restored, every worker came back to his treadmill. Those who had suffered were soon forgotten.

Letter V for Violence
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