Friday, 24 April 2015


Princess Rena was an ugly girl.
On her twentieth birthday, the king decided to marry her. Messages were sent to kings who had sons of marriageable age. But, excepting Prince Ebraan, no one was willing to marry her.
Rena did not want to marry Ebraan, for he had only one eye. But the king, who disliked her, would hear nothing of it; he was adamant and she was married to the one-eyed prince.
Few months later, Ebraan became the king; his father had died in a freak accident.
Now no one wanted to become the minister of the one-eyed king; everyone thought that he was an unlucky man. He appointed Rena as the minister for, in the few months they had been together, Ebraan had come to know that she was an intelligent and clever person.
Rena was truly an intelligent woman. She would always give a sound and pragmatic advice to the king, who soon became popular among the people for his fair and just decisions.
Since the day Rena had been appointed as the minister, she had zealously involved herself with the people of the kindom. She had devoted every minute of her life trying to find ways and means to improve their lot and to bring happiness in their lives. People adored her as much as they respected their king.
One day an old man came to meet the king. His horses had been stolen. He had come to submit his complaint.
When he saw Rena he said, “My Lady, I have never seen a woman prettier than you.”
Rena was taken aback. She thought he was mocking her. She glared at him but quickly saw that he was genuine in his praise.
“Perhaps you have not looked at yourself in the mirror for a long time, have you?” he asked Rena with a pleasing smile.
“But you would have noticed her beauty, My Lord?” he addressed the king.
“To be honest, I did; but I was scared to mention lest she might think that I was mocking her. Rena, you are truly beautiful.”
She rushed to her room and looked at herself in the mirror. What she saw left her amazed. She realized that she had actually not looked at herself for almost five years.
She came back and thanked the old man for making her aware of herself.
“My Lady, your beauty is but a reflection of the love and affection of the people you have made happy in these years.”
Rena was bubbling with joy. Ebraan felt proud of her.
They looked at each other and blushed.
Letter U for Ugly
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  1. Your deeds make you ugly or beautiful.

  2. A Great Moral brought out.... Beauty is that beauty does! Thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks Sreedhar for reading the post

  3. Beauty is in the (one) eye of the beholder!