Thursday, 16 April 2015


I left my office. The streets were flooded with rain water. I was worried that I would miss the bus. I tried to walk briskly.  My wife was rushing behind me.

‘Why did she come here?’

I stumbled; lace of one my shoes had come untied.

“Keep walking; I will catch up with you,” I said to my wife and stopped for tying the lace. But I could not manage it and that irritated me. I rushed to the bus-stop. Wife was not there. It was quite dark. I looked around. Couple of women were sitting on a bench.

“Did my wife come here?’ I asked.

They kept talking among themselves.

“She is your wife? I think I saw her there,” someone came forward and said pointing to nowhere.

But in a flash I was there. My son and his wife were also there. He was telling someone, “If you close the doors properly water will not seep into the car.”

“Why don’t we give them a lift in our car?” my wife suggested.

“We can accommodate only one person,” I said.

“But why don’t we ask them; it is dark and the bus may not come,” she insisted.

The water was everywhere. I was worried that we would surely miss the bus.

“But why has the bus not come? Let us leave by the car, no use waiting here. All roads will soon be flooded.”

Something hit me on chest.

I woke with a start. Wife had just turned and her hand had brushed my chest.

“What a nightmare?” I mumbled and tried to go back to sleep.

N for Nightmare

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  1. I trust you didn't dream about water because you'd had a slight 'accident' while asleep!

    1. of course it was a dream and most of it i actually dreamed few nights back, thanks for reading the post

  2. I thought that this might be a dream when it started to not make sense. What a relief it always is to wake up from them!

  3. The way it jumped around made me think it was a nightmare. Probably some hidden meanings in there.

    1. i wish dreams could have some meaning, thanks susan

  4. We all had a strange sleep last night. Not sure why. But it was kinda weird all of us didn;t sleep well.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Cohost
    M is for Movies

  5. You have a very alluring staccato-type of writing style. Enjoyable!

    1. Thanks Christine for visiting my blog