Saturday, 18 April 2015


Everything was happening as per the plan. He smiled at his partner; it was a smile which revealed less and hid more.

They had to track the movements of the van for about one month before they could decide as to when and where they would hijack it.

Hijack was successful and the booty was beyond their imagination. They had looted cash worth fifty million; they were not expecting the van to carry more than ten million.

They celebrated their success at his partner’s place; but the celebrations were muted, for they did not want anyone to get even a whiff of what they had pulled off.

His partner was drunk but in control of himself. He kept on prodding him to drink and the partner, who was unusually happy with himself, willingly obliged. He bided his time and, when his partner had to go to the loo, he poisoned his partner’s drink and smiled at his own cleverness; he had chosen a poison that would not leave any trail.

The plan had been executed successfully.

To begin with, he had cut out his other partners-in-crime from the scheme; only two of them carried out the heist. But he did not want to share the booty even with that sole partner.

He had already made arrangements for leaving the country; he would lead a decent life abroad.

He was enjoying his drive back to his home when the brakes of his car failed; the car crashed into a stationary truck.

He never came to know that his partner too had been quietly working on a plan of his own; that he was a skilled car mechanic who could fiddle with any car in no time.

Letter P for Plan

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  1. Karma hit both of them hard, super write up Aroraji .

  2. Nice one IB Arora, he he that was an unexpected twist.. Perfect partners if I might say, they are both working on a plan behind each other, they even think alike :D :D .

    Arora Ji, A kind request, it would be really helpful if you please add an email subscription link to your blog. It helps people like me who do not frequent indiblogger. This way, I will not miss much posts from you. Just a request :)

    1. Thanks Vinay, i have added something but i am not sure if that's what you suggested

  3. The devious devils got what they deserved! A great little story.

  4. We get what we sow. Lie begets lies and more lies.

  5. Great little story this. No winners. Love the ending.

    Good luck with the rest of the challnge :)

  6. So much greed, when there was enough to share amongst them all anyway... Oh yes, and stealing is bad :-)

    Annalisa, writing A-Z vignettes, at Wake Up, Eat, Write, Sleep

  7. I could sense it somehow, maybe coz I am Agatha christie's fan and could crack even her suspense stories :P As usual brilliant take on the title..

    1. Thanks Roohi, nice that you liked it