Saturday, 4 April 2015

Daring Deeds

All these days the chick had not dared to look down from the nest.

All these days he had been dreading the moment when he would have to leave his nest.

“Time has come; you have to jump to the ground below,” his mother nudged the chick to the edge of the rock.

“It is quite far below?” he asked timidly.

“Yes, we are high up on the cliff. But don’t you worry, you can do it. I know you can,” she encouraged him.

“Why do I have to leave the nest, I like this place,” he was scared of jumping from that height.

“You can’t live in this nest forever, with nothing to eat.”

“What if I crash on some rock?”

“You won’t, most of the chicks land safely.”

“Not all?”

“Well, to be honest, some chicks do crash and die. But have faith, you will reach safely.”

“Jump when I call you”. Thus saying she left the nest.

Moments later she called; he looked down, timidly, but he could not see her.

A fear engulfed him. He stood rooted to the edge of the rock.

“We have been performing such daring deeds for generations. Have faith and jump,” he heard his mother’s shout.

The chick hesitated and jumped, unsure if he would get another chance to perform any more daring deeds in this life.

Letter D, D for Daring Deeds

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  1. Daring indeed, to leap from the nest, trusting in new wings yet untried.

  2. I've a feeling he made unscathed! What a lovely tale.

  3. I often want to write stories with wildlife as protagonist but this joy has eluded me till now. I always enjoy reading such stories though esp. the panchatantra ones. This one too is very good :)