Wednesday, 1 April 2015


As he stepped in, he was confronted by a grim faced police officer. He could see two more persons behind him.

Then he saw the dead body of his wife.

“Where were you? We tried contacting you at your office?”

He knew he had no credible alibi. No one could vouch for his activities; he had been roaming on the streets in shame all through the day.

And then fear struck his heart. She had been stabbed with same kitchen knife with which he had threatened to kill her. They had, as usual, fought over nothing and, impulsively, he had brandished the knife at her.

‘Knife would have my finger prints.’

“You have anything to say?”

He kept searching for words.

April 1, 2015 
Letter A, A for Alibi


  1. Sounds like this would be a good thriller. ^^

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  2. I second, looks like the beginning of a good thriller...

  3. Excellent story! What a scary position to be in... and is truly innocent?