Wednesday, 1 April 2015


“If you ever tell anything about it to mama, I will ask my friends to change you into a dog or a rat,” said my brother. I had seen him necking our cousin.

“That’s nonsense; no one can change a boy into a dog or a rat,” I tried to stand up to my brother.

“You have not seen my friends; they are not from this planet. They are aliens. They visit me often.”


“Last year they got stranded. I helped them repair their space ship. You know how good I am at machines.”

I knew it was all fantasy but, like a fool, I believed him. Or perhaps I wanted to believe this fantasy.

“I want to meet your friends.”

“I will have to talk to them.”

“Then talk to them or I will have to tell mama.”

For once I had turned the tables on him and that made me very happy.

 A post for Two Shoes Tuesday

Word prompts- fantasy, fool


  1. What a delightful tale of tables turned! One can never be absolutely sure that what we think is imagination isn't in fact quite real. My parents told us growing up that there was no such thing as ghosts. I now believe them to be quite wrong about that!

  2. Never trust an alien, I don't. That's how I've avoided becoming a rat, and I can't say I've been called a dog!