Monday, 6 April 2015


Ali Baba II heaved a sigh of relief. He had finally found the cave. He uttered the magic words which Ali Baba had used about a hundred years ago. Rock covering mouth of the cave moved; the entrance was clear.

Ali Baba II was overjoyed. He was about to enter the cave when he heard someone saying, “Don’t or you will regret.”

He was stunned. He looked inside the cave. What he saw left him dumbfounded.

He saw piles of diamonds, pearls, gold and silver inside the cave.

He just could not resist the temptation and entered. As he stepped in, the rock moved and closed the entrance. But he was not worried; he knew the magic words to open the entrance.

He filled a sack with diamonds and pearls and gold and cursed himself for bringing only one small sack with him.

“I will have to come again, and soon,” he said to himself and lifted the sack on his back.

Standing near the entrance, he uttered the magic words. But, to his surprise, the rock did not move.

He panicked and repeated the words, again and again.

“I had warned you,” he heard feeble words.

He looked around and saw a sick man lying in the cave.

“Who are you? Why the magic words are not working? These were handed down in our family.” Ali Baba II said in desperation.

“I am a distant cousin. I too relied on these magic words. But it seems they have upgraded the security system.”

“But there must be some way to go out?” he was truly shaken.

“I found none. We have to wait till some foolish cousin comes in search of the cursed treasure. But if the thieves come in the meanwhile they will kill us. ”

“I spent ten precious years of my life searching for this treasure and now I am trapped in this cave.”

“This treasure is a trap. But by the time we learn, it is too late.”

Letter E, E for Entrance

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  3. Brilliant! There were 40 thieves so he might get to slip out!

  4. Ali Baba II and security system.. What a new, upgraded version of the story :D Loved it..

  5. a nice twist to the age old story :)

  6. Good one :) Especially love the last line :D

    1. Thanks Anmol, wisdom dawns but late