Monday, 13 April 2015

Train Driver

                                                                                      Photo prompt - © Jennifer Pendergast

During the day he kept himself busy with odds and ends he had collected. But after 

Sunset he would become restless.

He would go to the rooftop to look at the passing by trains.

“Papa must be driving this train?”

“May be?” mother said.

“Will he come home? No?”

“Next month, I think so.”

“He never comes; why can’t he be like others?”

“He is a train driver; trains have to run every day.”

“But still?”

She looked at her little, famished boy and wiped a tear rolling on her withered cheek.

“Should I tell him?” she wondered but remained undecided.

A post for Friday Fictioneers on a photo prompt 
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  1. Now that is a tough one. I couldn't decide if Papa was dead or just left forever. Either way, it is sad.

    Your writing is good and pulls the emotions out of the reader.

    1. thanks Mike for appreciating the effort

  2. A great story which seems much longer because of the emotion I feel with the tear trailing down the little boy's face. Wonderfully written! Nan

  3. I love an open ended story! This is great. Actually this was the first FF prompt I've missed for weeks - I just couldn't think what to write. But my alter ego did! She's at if you're interested!

    1. Thanks Keith and please don't forget to read my post of the day for A to Z

  4. Sad. Strong narrative that 'tells' the back story and emotions without any details.

  5. A father never coming back.. maybe it doesn't matter.. but somehow I mixed in the K for Kitchen Knife and saw something very sinister.. probably not the reason though.

  6. So often the little white lies that parents tell to protect their children do more harm than good. I can feel both the regret of the mother and the pain filled anticipation of the child in this.