Thursday, 2 April 2015


“Why is there no bridge on this river?” asked the cub.

“There used to be a bridge; it got washed away in the floods and that was a blessing for all of us,” said the lion.


“It saved us from annihilation.”

The cub looked confused.

“Men live on other side of the river. Men are weak and lack courage; even a wolf’s cub can scare a man. But men have deadly instruments. And they kill with those instruments. They kill for fun and they kill everything, senselessly.”

 “That’s so shameful of them.”

“Even a kid like you can see the folly; but they don’t.  And they think they are the smartest of all beings.”

“I would hate to be a man.” Cub’s face was contorted in revulsion.

“Good for us that the bridge got washed away or else, like many of our ancestors, we too would have been killed.”

They trotted towards the forest; thinking of the bridge that, mercifully, was no longer there.

Letter B, B for Bridge

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  1. Wow! That's lovely and unfortunately so true! All the best for a great month of blogging. Look forward to all your stories! :)

    1. Thanks Archana for encouragement, nice that you liked it

  2. Reading all your stories for the challenge. And one thing i like about them is they are short and interesting. Its not easy!!

    1. thanks Roohi,feels nice if someone likes the effort

  3. It is such an amazing story following you for the A-z challenge :)

  4. A truly excellent story with a very true ring to it. Thanks for your visit to mine yesterday. It was really appreciated.

  5. Nice story - and too true.