Tuesday, 21 April 2015


He was an old and frail man. But that did not deter the rebels from declaring him the emperor.

It was his misfortune to be so chosen; the rebellion against the Company was to end in a colossal tragedy. But, for the moment, he was the man of hour, leading an enslaved nation to freedom from those who had come as traders but had deviously transformed themselves into rulers.

Company’s army took some time to organize reinforcements. But once they were prepared, they crushed the rebellion with unbelievable ferocity. Thousands of people were killed. Even those remotely connected with rebellion were hunted down and hanged. Village after village and town after town was brought back into subjugation. Eventually Company’s army entered the capital city after a fierce battle.

Hapless emperor was on the run. He took refuge in a tomb. But the ancestor, resting peacefully in the tomb, could not avert the ensuing events.

Company’s soldiers threatened that if he did not surrender he would be shot inside the tomb. He surrendered.

Next day his sons were caught, stripped naked and shot in cold blood.

Emperor was tried and exiled for life. He died an ignominious death in a far off land.

Rebellion had ended and traders had become the legitimate rulers of the country.

Letter R for Rebellion, Rulers 

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  1. Traders rule all our lives today. An excellent and thought provoking tale.