Wednesday, 8 April 2015


The temple was surrounded by an unkempt garden; there were shrubs growing everywhere without restraint; monkeys that loved to jump and play; chirpy birds and any number of creepy worms and beautiful butterflies.

Mother insisted that, on the eve of school examination, I had to visit the temple and seek Lord’s blessings. Every prayer had to end with three circumambulations of the temple.

It was already dark; and I was scared. But still I had to go. I prayed and began to circumambulate the temple with some trepidation.

Backside of temple was poorly lit and every shrub appeared like a sleeping monster. Suddenly power went off.  Darkness enveloped me; in an instant every monster in the garden awoke from its slumber.

Scared, I just stood rooted to the ground.

And then, to my astonishment, I saw little stars twinkling everywhere. It was amazing and unbelievable. Some twinkling stars were flitting around me; a couple of stars landed softly on my arm.

Carefully, I pocketed two twinkling stars.

“Why did you catch glow-worms? Release them,” mother admonished me, pointing at my shirt pocket.

“These are stars from the Milky Way.”

But mother was right; I had two glow-worms in my pocket.

I released the glow-worms and still felt elated.
G for Glow-worms

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  1. Reminded me of my childhood days.. now its a concrete jungle where I stay.. No glow-worms!! only in stories :(

    1. it's a childhood account, thanks Roohi

  2. I see why your blog is entitled "Oblique View!" I really like your slightly off-kilter observations. Thanks for stopping at my blog, and have fun with the rest of the alphabet!

  3. Delightful! And such innocence. She deserved to pass her examinations that's for sure.

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  5. We used to capture fire flies in a jar then let them go. No sense keeping them as they die quickly. At least in a jar. Probably because we didn;t know to poke holes in the lid so they could breath.

    1. Thanks Stephen for visiting my blog