Sunday, 22 March 2015


When they decided to kill her first unborn daughter, she protested but not vehemently. She herself was not much enthused by the pregnancy. She was not even nineteen and did not want to become a mother before her first marriage anniversary.

She acquiesced to their persuasion but her protest had annoyed them. That was not what they had expected of her.

But when they wanted to kill her second unborn daughter she reacted, almost violently. They were prepared; they would not be deterred.  They said, and with equal violence, that she ought to be grateful that they were only killing her unborn baby and not her. 

They literally threw her on the operation table with her hands and feet tied. The follow up business was concluded with clinical efficiency.

Third pregnancy sent a shiver down her spine; but her fear was of no consequence. She was alone and vulnerable.

She saw them talking in hushed tones and, like a miserable trapped animal, could sense what was to become of her. She wanted to cry. But she could not utter even a word; for them her feelings counted for nothing and her pain was meaningless.

She knew that this time it would not be her unborn baby who would be killed. They would kill her.
Word prompts-annoyed, hushed and pain