Friday, 27 March 2015


                                                                         Photo prompt- copyright-David Stewart

“Are you certain? I thought he had passed away.”

“I met him two weeks back. But he is in a pathetic condition. He lives in a one-room flat, surrounded by all those faded photographs of him receiving awards and performing at different events, and dust wrapped trophies and awards that are of no use to him.”

“How does he survive, financially I mean?” 

“Occasional donations; but donations are too infrequent.”

“Does he still play flute?”

“Never; he wants to hate his flute but he can’t.”

“Think of all the adulation that he received?”

“Wish he had been a bit worldly-wise?”

A post for Friday Fictioneers on a photo prompt.
Word count-100


  1. Touching...there are so many artists like this one who is forgotten in old is so sad...

  2. So sad..
    To linger in an existence, tethered to the past.

  3. Dear IB,

    A sad statement about those who once had it all and didn't know how to manage it.