Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Last Walk
Little did I know that it was the last time we would be walking together in this park, where dry leaves of Chinar* had been raining incessantly for past few days.

A huge patch of grey cloud was floating unhurriedly in the deep blue sky.

As we walked leisurely we could feel the crunching of dry leaves deep within our hearts. I glanced at him. He was lost in himself.

“I think I can no longer put off this decision. My parents are getting worked up and it hurts me. It is so unreasonable of them.”

I could see that he was reluctant to take any decision.

“But what’s your problem? You have not been able to give me even one good reason for this procrastination.”

“That’s my predicament. If I have not been able to convince my best friend then how can I convince my parents?”

“What are you up to?”

“I think I will try to buy some time, may be six months or so.”

He caught a dry leaf floating in the air and kept playing with it; there was a wan smile on his lips.

The grey cloud had stopped moving, or so I thought.

“Che sara, sara.” I tried, but weakly, to humour him. He looked at me quizzically and let the dry leaf fall on earth.

It was our last walk in that park.

Few days later he was killed in a road accident, leaving his parents devastated. I moved out of the town before the onset of next autumn.

In memory of a friend who died in a road accident in 1978.

A post for Two Shoes Tuesday
Word prompts- leaf, little

*Botanical name of the tree is Platanus orientalis


  1. Death is a conundrum that affects us in so many ways. Who knows the way of our passing? Is it better to die of old age surrounded with memories and perhaps regrets or die in our prime when others may remember us with admiration and devastation. I just hope others will be glad and proud to have known me. I am so glad you hold the memory of your friend in your heart even today.

  2. He sure was good guy to be remembered for so long.
    Great read.

  3. This is sweet and sad and I have so many questions. What was the decision he was pondering? This story came from a place deep within you filled with love and shock.

  4. The sadness of the falling dry leaves echoes in the sadness of this piece. It reminds me how quickly someone can exit from our lives without notice. I am sad for your memory of someone you cared about. You wrote this with great tenderness, and it is obvious that he mattered. I am hoping that his soul found the peace he was seeking in this life.