Thursday, 5 March 2015

Power and Politics

The king was nervous. He didn’t want to lose his throne.

He could see that while his enemies were jealous of him all his friends were envious of him. He was as scared of his enemies as of his friends. He knew he could not trust anyone, not anymore.

He chose to strike a deal with his enemies. He agreed to cede half of his kingdom and treasury if they would help him to crush his friends.

But, however calculating he might have been, his enemies did not trust him. They knew that if he could strike a deal with his enemies to crush his friends, he could as well enter into a deal with someone else to crush his enemies.

The enemies decided to talk to his friends before accepting his offer.

The king did not know but things were turning messy for him. Enemies took their time to respond to his offer. The delay made him uneasy. In desperation he thought it prudent to regain the confidence of his friends. But the friends were no longer sure of his true intentions.

They chose to talk to his enemies before talking to him.

Word prompts- calculating, messy and envious


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    1. well, we have many around us, thanks for reading it

  2. Wise friends. Or, should I say former friends.

    Mine is here:

    1. Thanks Alice, only one thing matters in politics and that the power one has