Tuesday, 24 March 2015

An Offer

“I will make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

His tone was grim and menacing. He had seen ‘Godfather’ at least ten times and he firmly believed that he looked and sounded like ‘Michael Corleone’.

“Out with it.” I tried to be as polite as I could be. He had often treated me with utter contempt; or so I thought.  But I could already sense what he was going to say.

“Think very carefully before you chose to refuse my offer. I would not take any blame for the consequences of your refusal.”

He did his best to scare me with his sinister looks.

“You are being too dramatic. Now don’t waste my time.” I tried to pretend that I was not impressed by his performance.

“Well, this is my offer, if you agree to complete all my pending assignments of Physics I will let you play guitar in my band but only for one week. But if you refuse to do so I will tell mama that you had been …..”

“I accept your offer.” I had almost shouted for, from the corner of my left eye, I had seen mama entering our room.

“I knew that, sensible as you are, you won’t refuse.” He tried to give me a cold smile.

I gave him a dirty stare but I knew that he had again pulled a faster one on me.

It is hard being a younger brother, even if one is younger by a few minutes only.

A post for Two Shoes Tuesday
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  1. I love it! Very clever & highly entertaining. ;) I literally chuckled out loud over here.

  2. Thanks Reta, nice you liked it

  3. I have been on both sides of an offer such as this... * said in my best Godfather voice*...My brothers they were not shall I say above such dealings...We are now adults and no need for such shenanegans.

  4. Twins. I used to hear similar stories like this from my twin friends. Funny.

  5. Ha! I loved this ending! My mind was jumping to all sorts of erroneous conclusions about the nature of the one doing this bit of blackmail. This was a fun read, and so true of the negotiations that sometimes transpire between siblings. My sisters and I laugh now at some of the things that went down between us when we were young. :-)

  6. Sibling rivalry, "It isn't fair!". I was the younger brother and so my life was hell! Especially when told "Go and play nicely together" which is the last thing either of us wanted.

    1. same with us four brothers, thanks old egg

  7. A very entertaining read.