Monday, 23 March 2015

The Old Tree

The boy and the girl were madly in love. They very well knew that their families would never approve of their relation. But they were so engulfed by their love that they were just not worried as to what anyone said or thought about them.

The old, grey tree on the other side of the river was ever eager to receive the lovers and provide them a serene and safe sanctuary; as if they were two innocent birds lost in the confusion of that bewildering forest. 

The tree loved them as they loved each other. But the tree would often feel sad. It had perhaps foreseen futility of their doomed lives.

Their families had eventually lost their patience with misdemeanours of the foolish lovers and had decided to deal with them in a manner befitting  any honourable family.

Both families were known for their arrogance and cruelty. The poor lovers were not prepared for the fury that over took them.

No one but the old,grey tree had the courage to give the two lovers a refuge. The tree, like an indulgent mother, hid them in its bosom and forever.
A post for Magpie Tales on a photo prompt.