Thursday, 5 March 2015

His Majesty

The newly crowned king was pleased with everyone who had come to pay his respects.

His heart was bubbling with joy for everyone, including the animals and birds and trees and plants had accepted his majesty.

“They must have seen my greatness, how prudent of them,” king said to himself. He was magnanimous in receiving greetings from everyone.

But when he learnt that the waves of ocean were defiant and unwilling to bow to him he was extremely unhappy.

“Let the ocean suffer for his impudence,” he thundered.

“My Lord, we can’t punish the ocean. We can’t match his strength and power,” said the minister meekly.

“We can and we will. How dare the ocean insult us? If we do not punish him then others will be tempted to disobey us.”

When the minster urged the king not do anything rash, he felt revolted.

“Kill this man for he presumes to know more than us,” king ordered his soldiers.

The minister was beheaded.

The army set out to vanquish the ocean. The recalcitrant had to be punished. The order had to be restored.

Everyone heartily endorsed the king’s resolve.
A post for Two Shoes Tuesday

Word prompts-ocean and order


  1. You combined the two prompts very cleverly! I suspect the king is about to learn a lesson in thinking that he has dominion over all. Too often we see leaders who become too self-important and fail to head the warnings of their trusted advisors. The King already had the loyalty of his subjects and much more. He wants it all, and that will surely be his downfall!