Monday, 16 March 2015


As he came out of the shop he happened to see the woman who was standing in the store on the other side of the street. He thought she was staring at him.

He felt he had seen her somewhere. But he could not recall where and when he had met her and that irritated him, for no apparent reason.

Was she the one, the only one, who managed to escape? When was it, last year? No, two years back? He was talking to himself. He shuddered.

He knew it was needless to worry for she could not have seen his face. He had always kept himself wrapped in a black mask. He would not remove the mask even after the victim had died.

But why should she glare at him?

He felt giddy. But it was only for a moment. This giddiness always came for a moment and what followed was inevitable.

Lewd thoughts took control of his mind and he laughed like a hyena; for he knew what he wanted to do; had always wanted to do.
A post for Magpie Tales on a picture prompt

Word prompts-giddy, lewd, needless


  1. Very well weaved. Short, dark, straight and well, that's how it is. Isn't it? The laugh says it all.. :)
    Liked how you have spun it.. with the right details :)

  2. Chilling thought to see from the stalker's view..

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Mani, nice that you find time to read my every post and to comment on it.

  4. Sharp and rather powerful...

  5. Awesome flash fiction you left me wanting for more. See you next Sunday! ♥

  6. This is so freaky! I hope she can escape a second time.