Thursday, 19 March 2015

Ancestral House

                                                                                       Photo prompt-© Rachel Bierke

She had come to her ancestral house after twenty years. It was in a pathetic condition. She felt a stab in her heart.

She saw the fountain; she vividly recalled the times when she had danced around it; pretending to be a fairy who loved to tease the wizard who lived deep inside the fountain.

“Mama, I have seen this place in my dreams, we come here and there is a wizard who wants me to help him.”

She could not believe what her daughter was saying.

“Is there a wizard in that fountain?”

“Yes, and we will help him.”

A post for Friday Fictioneers on a photo prompt.
Word count-100


  1. Dear IB,

    I think her daughter's dreams speak wisdom. Cute story.



  2. I'm sure she was right! Delightful.

  3. Well, there must be a wizard there, then. Deep down in the well for so long, poor thing.

    1. wizards are always in trouble, thanks Patrick for reading the post

  4. I'm not sure I quite understand. Does the mom say "“Is there a wizard in that fountain?” or the daughter? Is the mom affirming that there is a wizard and they will help. Nice whimsical story til the end, which I wasn't sure of.

  5. it is the daughter wanting to know and the mother who affirms and says that they will help the wizard, thanks Perry for reading the post

  6. Like mother like daughter. Or is it something more? This one resonates.

  7. Oh I hope that the wizard grants them wishes.

  8. This is a story that has more to it... maybe you'll expand it another week? Nice job.

  9. I posted a comment on Saturday, but it seems to not be here... I love the magical element of this story, that also lends a sense of mystery to it as well. We are left wondering about the girl and her dreams. Nicely done!