Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Death Sentence

The man had committed a horrendous crime and there was more than enough clinching evidence against him.

The judge had all along known that he would have to impose death penalty on the accused. But when the day came he was a bit unsure of himself for he had never sent any convict to the gallows. He had been wishing all these days that somehow things would turn out differently. But every bit of evidence that was brought before him was closing his options.  He knew that ends of justice would not be met if he did not impose death penalty on the accused.

When the judge pronounced his order,imposing death penalty, he was almost shivering with emotions.

It was not normal of him to leave the court abruptly. But he left the court for he was too shaken to hear any other case. He reached his home looking pale, nervous and miserable.

The murderer was lead out of the court be a posse of grim faced policemen. His steps were firm and his eyes were cold, totally bereft of any emotions.

Inspired by an incident narrated be Salim Ali in his autobiography ‘The Fall of a Sparrow’

A post for Two Shoes Tuesday

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  1. What a story. And how the judges emotions caused him to act out of the ordinary, not normally.Very interesting.

  2. Such emotions are indeed rare in this profession... nice...

  3. Showing emotion may well imply bias which is why Justice is usually depicted blindfold. If an appeal is lodged it will be in front of another judge, who hopefully will appear impartial.

    1. as per the story narrated by Salim Ali, judge was not partial, he was overwhelmed by emotions when he had to send a man to gallows. Thanks for reading the post

  4. It would please me to know that it bothered a judge to sentence someone to death, no matter how harsh the crime or hardened the criminal. I do believe in capital punishment, but I think we should never take the death of another lightly. I suspect that over time the judge will become more hardened to doing what he must do, just as nurses and doctors learn to deal in a more detached manner with their patients dying. Good story, it gave us something to think about!