Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Death of the Hills

One by one every tree was felled and the wood was transported to different places all over the country.

One after another, new buildings cropped up on the land denuded of its green cover.

But the hills were displeased for they loved the trees and hated the concrete structures that were erupting like blisters everywhere.

One by one the hills began to fall sick and began to die.

One late evening, thousands of houses perished and hundreds of people died and the river coursing through the hills laughed in vindictive pleasure.

Word prompt-vindictive


  1. It's up to us whether we should protect our planet or let it perish....

    1. at least in our country i don't see any serious concern, thanks Maniparna for reading the post

  2. you are so right, it will take moments for nature to wipe out the human vanity..

  3. Stark reality, beautiful write up :)