Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Three years had gone by. No one came to know; no one knocked at his door. But that was no consolation. Every day of these three years had been an uneasy and disturbing day.
He had tried to wipe out the memory of those horrifying moments; but the memory had remained stuck. The flashes of horrifying incident had hit him again and again, almost driving him mad. He had often tried to create a distorted perception of the reality but in vain.
He could vividly recall that day. He had found her talking to the boy who lived in the neighbouring house; the boy had come to meet his parents. Not a week had passed since his arrival and she was already on friendly terms with him.  
The boy murmured something and she laughed a bit loudly, unaware that he was watching her. He felt infuriated; he felt he would explode like a volcano.
He had courted her for about two years before they got married; she was extremely beautiful and innocent. He had seen her beauty but not her innocence. Not even a month had passed and he had begun to abuse her; he disliked the way she became friendly with everyone.
Her sister could clearly see that his attitude and behaviour had dramatically altered. She had seen the writing on the wall. She tried to put some sense in her sister even though she knew that she was blameless.
He decided to kill her. He contrived a plan to commit a perfect murder. He was surprised that how easily he could conceive such a plan.
But everything went wrong; it turned out to be a horrific killing. By the time he could dispose of the dead body he was physically and emotionally exhausted.
A fortnight later her sister confronted him, “I know she has not gone missing; I know you have killed her. I will find out the truth and the moment I get hold of any clue I will have you arrested.”
Three years had gone by; no one came to know anything. But somehow he could not get rid of the memory of that horrifying day. It was driving him mad.
He shuddered when someone knocked on the door. He did not move from his chair, he was too scared to open the door.
Word prompts-- flashes, moments, uneasy, recall, week, writing, altered, distorted, three, years, sister, came.

Word count 388