Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Wizard of the Caves
We had lost our way. Still we refused to turn back. We again consulted the maps.
‘We would have already reached the caves if we had been on the right track.’
‘Let’s take a break; in any case we are not reaching our destination; at least not today.’
‘What about food? I’m hungry.’
‘I say move, it may not be safe to stop here; I hear someone howling, somewhere in the rear.’
We looked at one another apprehensively. We were all thinking about the warning given to us by the people, who had vainly tried to reach the caves, ‘You may not find the hidden treasure but the wizard of caves may find you.’
We decided to continue our journey. But we would have walked for less than ten minutes when we came across two huge crocodiles. Instinctively we wanted to run for cover but we stood rooted to the ground.
‘Would you please help us; we have been trapped by the wizard,’ said one crocodile in a man’s voice.
‘We aren’t crocodiles, you must help us,’ said the other crocodile in a woman’s voice.
We were too stunned to even utter a word.
‘Don’t get fooled; these crocodiles are very cunning and vicious hunters.’
It was a young man who had appeared from nowhere. He continued, ‘I have been waiting for you, how you could lose your way?’
We were scared and dumbstruck.
Draw your weapons if you have any or run for your own sake,’ the crocodiles shouted at us. Then they quickly split into different directions and ran away like headless chickens.
We looked at the young man fearfully; of course, till then, we were not aware that he was the wizard and that he could use his demonic powers only when he was within the precincts of the caves.
 A post for:
Sunday Whirl; word prompts- draw, maps, howling, cover, break, food, split, still, less, lost, rear, move