Friday, 17 June 2016

Midnight Knock
It was past midnight. I woke up with a start. I thought someone was knocking at the door.
Our house is a bit isolated, surrounded on three sides by paddy fields and by an orchard in the backyard. The nearest house is at least half a kilometer away. But I was not normally scared by such midnight knocks; I had a couple of German shepherds to keep a watch on all intruders. But surprisingly they were silent and that was unusual of them.
I opened the door and was shocked to see an alien. Far away in the paddy field I could see the unblinking lights of a spacecraft.
160 06 June 12th 2016
I felt nervous and was unable to say anything.
‘You are a doctor? I need your help. I got an eye problem,’ the alien said in an extremely pleasant voice. Of course, he himself was ugly looking.
‘But I can’t treat you; I am not an eye surgeon. In fact………’
But the alien was in too much of a hurry. He muttered some unintelligible words and pressed some buttons on his left arm. In a flash both of us were inside the space craft. He led me to a brightly lit futuristic operation theater and said, ‘You must help me. I have to go back to my universe but I can’t travel till my eyesight is restored.’
‘But I am a veterinary doctor…….’
‘I never said I am a human being…..’
That left me speechless. I looked at his left eye; something in it frightened me.

A post for Sunday PhotoFiction and for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers on picture prompts


  1. The logic here is immaculate. Wonderfully Lucid.

  2. Not fair... you often give abrupt ends. :(

  3. So they get to probe the alien, that's a reversal haha

  4. Brilliant... But ye dil maange more!!! :)

  5. LOL! "I never said I was human." Hahaha! Seems they found the right Doctor! Cute story!

  6. Well that was a cliffhanger. It would make a great longer story or sci-fi-novel. Good descriptions, I.B. :) --- Suzanne

  7. Excellent. I like that :-) Love the way you ended it as well.