Friday, 10 June 2016

Once again
159 06 June 5th 2016
They met after ten years, almost accidentally.
He thought she was as beautiful as ever. He had loved her; but he was too timid to even talk to her. Many a time he had provoked himself to express his feelings; he had even rehearsed his words. But every time his courage had failed him in her presence.
She felt attracted to him, once again. How many times she had wished that he would make some effort to approach her. But her wish had remained unfulfilled.
‘It’s a beautiful place; been a long time; I was away and travelling most of the time,’ he felt surprised at himself. Even now he found it difficult to talk to her.
‘They created it out of nowhere. Where did you finally settle? Married?’ she cursed herself for asking such a personal question.
‘Yes,’ he blurted, not knowing why he had lied.     
She looked at him; he thought she had caught his lie.
‘And you?’ he asked suppressing his anger.
‘Me too,’ she too lied.
They went on their ways; thinking of the love that they had nurtured in their hearts in those distant days when they were young and innocent.
A post for Sunday PhotoFiction on a picture prompt.

Word count 196


  1. There but never asking, sad indeed, that is why screw such fear, ask away.

  2. but the fears never leave us, thanks for stopping by

  3. A sad reflection of the plight in which many Indian teenage children find themselves in because of the inhibitions. Feel sorry for their lot. The story effectively captures the suppressed feelings.

    1. nice to see you on my blog, you got it right and that's what i wanted to say

  4. Good story, I.B. It's a shame people are that shy and suffer because of it. Well written. ---- Suzanne

    1. everyone is bound by his own nature, can't blame them, thanks

  5. Truly Indian, caught in the dilemma of 'pahle aap'and suffering for whole life.

  6. Unfortunately some people can't pluck up the guts to speak to someone no matter how much they can't get them out of their minds. They either think the other person is too good for them, or they are not good enough for the other person.

    great story.