Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Winter Shelter

‘But this is the middle of nowhere.’
‘No dear, we have almost arrived and we are just where we have to be.’
‘You must be joking.’
‘You see that grid and that skyscraper over there, that’s the place we are headed for.’
‘I don’t know what are trying to say.’
‘Dear, this year we are going to have lot of snow in the winter. Weather is going to be a really harsh. We need to find a place where we can survive the cold, wintery days. And there’s no better place than that skyscraper over there. I know I have been there.’
‘But still it’s in the middle of nowhere.’
‘It doesn’t matter as long as it turns out to be a nice, cosy winter shelter.’
The pair of chattering ladybugs landed on what for them was surely a skyscraper.

Word count 135


  1. LOL! Ladybugs looking to get out of the cold winter weather. Cute story!

    1. i read somewhere that ladybugs can forecast weather and prepare for harsh winter. thanks Joy