Friday, 25 March 2016

The Stink
                                                                                         Photo prompt © Ted Strutz
For years he had spent every drop of his energy to get away from the stink that haunted him even beyond his childhood.
Nobody seemed to mind the stink. For them, perhaps, it did not exist. But he found it nauseating.
The day workers came in their truck to clean the public lavatory, which was just behind their one-room home, the stink would become unbearable and he would invariably vomit. Mother would only scold him.
He was now years away from his childhood and miles away from that stinking public lavatory, but even now he was scared of the stink.
A post for Friday Fictioneers on a photo prompt.

Word count 100


  1. Dear Arora,

    Smell is something that never leaves our memory. Nicely done.



  2. Sense of smell is one of the most powerful... good or bad!!

  3. I think I know where that public toilet is. It'll gag you in the summer.

  4. Meaningful behind the words!
    A great write, IB:)

  5. Some things stay with you for ever, I guess.

  6. Just the thought makes me flinch in sympathy. Good story.

  7. Yes, scents stay with you all your life, good ones and those that 'make you vomit'