Monday, 28 March 2016

Fashion Photographers

She looked at the Photocentre for a few seconds and felt amused.
‘This seedy place can’t be a fashion photographic centre. She must have been joking. I think I should make some...……..’ she was lost in her thoughts when a smart, handsome boy accosted her.
‘Don’t get influenced by the appearances. Appearances are always deceptive. This is the place where you ought to be. We are the best fashion photographers in the town. Rest assured, you won’t regret your decision. Just give us a chance. In fact, just give yourself a chance.’
She felt she was being swept away by his charm. He could be right, appearances could be deceptive.
‘Why don’t you come in and I will show you what remarkable portfolios have we created? Have a look and then you can decide for yourself. There’s no hurry.’
She was about to take a step forward when the door of the Photocentre was violently thrown open. A girl, disheveled and distraught, rushed out. Tears were running down her discoloured cheeks.
In a flash the charming boy turned fiendish. He caught hold of the girl trying to escape from the Photocentre and slapped her brutally.

A post for FFfAW on a photo prompt.  


  1. Oh dear! I think she should turn around and run! Sounds like a place of horror. Great story!