Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A Cock-and-Bull Story

‘That’s where they are all locked in. Don’t ever dare to go near that place,’ said Pipi, who was just six, to his kid brother.
‘What’s written on that board?’
‘It says, “Dogs not allowed here.”’
‘Dogs can smell the ghosts and when they smell a ghost they become nervous and when they become nervous they start howling.’
‘But why did grandpa lock them?’
‘When he was a little boy he loved to shoot wild birds and animals. One day he saw a ghost hiding behind a tree. He shot at that ghost and that was a big mistake. You can’t shoot a ghost. That ghost called his friends and they all chased the grandpa. But he was a clever boy. He ran into the hall where his old man was keeping pigs. The ghosts foolishly followed him in. The pigs got scared and started screaming and ran out of that hall. The grandpa quickly closed the door and all the ghosts got locked in.’
‘How do you know?’
‘I know,’ replied Pipi confidently and authoritatively.
The kid brother was, as he had expected, fully impressed. The elder brother smiled at his own cleverness.


  1. Hahahha I remember my elder brother impressing me this very way too when I was a kid :)

    1. thanks shweta, nice that it reminded you of your childhood.

  2. A great imagination from the elder brother. What would be amusing would be if it were coincidentally true. Good story :-)

    1. for all we know it could be true, thanks for stopping by

    2. It may well be :-) You're welcome