Monday, 20 October 2014


AD 5014. 
We unwittingly discover a buried human settlement.
She - I thought that nothing remained buried to be discovered.
He – Yes, I also thought so. In any case nothing has been discovered in last one thousand years. It may be the last of the buried settlements.
She – What is that over there?
He – Seems to be a grave.
She – Mother?  What is that supposed to mean?
He – If I am not mistaken this settlement perhaps dates back to the time when women used to become mothers.
She – Did they then not have the technology to manufacture? How primitive they must have been?
He – But most of the women of that time believed that they were incomplete till they had become mothers.
She – I can’t believe it; where do you read such nonsense?
He - I have been using my spare time fruitfully.
She – But somehow I can’t imagine a women becoming a mother; it’s so unnatural.
He – May be for us; for them it was a cherished fulfilment.
She – I am lucky that I was not born then.
He – May be? May be not?

A post for Magpie Tales on a picture prompt 


  1. A clever twist to the usual that one sees. Great imagery! Wonder how they manufacture babies a few thousand years then on!


  2. a chilling thought for the future, but an original take on the prompt..well done!!

    1. thanks Kay, i was slightly hesitant with this idra

  3. Very sci-fi and futuristic. Who knows, perhaps some day humans will all think along these lines.

  4. Strong and compelling; well done.

  5. A chilling and captivating write, :-)

  6. difficult or impossible to comment about the unknown ...interesting !

  7. This is very oblique , and very cool ! I love how the fella is the one talking motherhood up ...