Wednesday, 22 October 2014


               Image courtesy of Wkipidea Commons in the public domain as part of the historic American Buildings Survey

I was walking leisurely.
Even before I could realize I was engulfed by a flash flood. Soon I was neck deep in swirling waters. Somehow I managed to get into a house. The house was frighteningly empty. 
I rushed to the second floor and uttered a sigh of relief.
But my relief was short lived. A wall crumbled. The house trembled. It began to float on unrestrained waters.
I looked down from the roof. House was moving towards an open ground. Many people were reclining there. They were about to be crushed.
“What is happening? It’s insane?” I said to myself and woke up.
I was soaked in fear.  

Written for Light and Shade Challenge on a picture (given above) and a quotation (given below) prompts.

 “I’m not insane. My mother had me tested”