Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Clouds
As a child he was fascinated by the clouds. He believed that clouds were living beings; he always had a running argument with his grandpa.
‘Grandpa, that cloud over there looks like an elephant and it just moved its trunk.’
‘Don’t talk rubbish; that’s just a cloud and not an elephant.’
‘You never seem to agree; look there, it surely is a baby dinosaur........its crawling.’
‘You keep imagining things; I think when you grow up you must study the clouds.’
He did choose to study the clouds but his imagination never left him.
He woke from his slumber. He had been traveling for hours and journey seemed endless. It had been a hectic week; he had spoken at ten different venues on ten different topics. He looked through the window and thought that there was giant baby somewhere out there.
Soon he realized that he was looking at a cloud. He smiled; the grandfather would have made fun of him.

A post for Sunday Photo Fiction


  1. Glad he did something he loved :-) I think although his grandfather would have made fun of him, he would have been proud. Good story.

  2. I've always been fascinated by clouds and the different shapes and forms. Lovely story. Have a super weekend.