Friday, 25 November 2016

A Mercy Plea
The sky was ablaze. Everyone thought that it was just an unusually magnificent sunset.
But people were in for a shock. Weird flying objects emerged from the flaming sky and began hovering over the city. It was a terrifying scene.
Rongen was not scared. He had all along believed that there were hundreds of alien civilizations out in the universe. He had secretly invented a radio telescope and had been communicating with some aliens. But the poor man did not know that his messages were sometimes getting distorted and garbled versions were reaching the aliens.
Suddenly the sky turned black and the lights went out; it was the beginning of a long, scary night.
The sun rose. But the day was no less terrifying. Dinosaurs were roaming freely everywhere in the city.
Rongen woke up as if from a nightmare. He rushed to his radio telescope; he had got an alien mail, ‘Please do not attack us. We accept your demand. We are sending these creatures back. Please have mercy on us.’
Rongen stood paralyzed; the nightmare had in fact just begun.
A post for Flash Fictionfor Aspiring Writers on a picture prompt

Word count 179


  1. Great creative story! Terrifying scenerio with dinosaurs beings sent back to our planet! I would agree that the nightmare has just begun. Love your twist on the prompt!

  2. That was a clever twist. This would be a great premise for a movie.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out