Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Cremation

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Sandra Crook
                                                                                       Photo prompt ©  Sandra Crook

‘Nothing seems to have changed here.’
He was coming back after thirty years. He had to reschedule a couple of meetings. At his deathbed his father had insisted that the cremation should be done when his sons were present.
‘I just can’t understand……you could have gone ahead with the cremation…..the Japanese team is here for two day only…. I would ….’ 
The driver, who was his father’s closest friend, refused to break his silence.
As they reached the home, the driver said, ‘Your father loved army; he could have risen to the general’s rank but he chose to bring up his motherless boys.’
A post for FridayFictioneers on a picture prompt.
Word count 103


  1. Unlucky father lucky sons!

  2. I well told lesson... Very good.

  3. He gave his time to his sons, not his career. His son doesn't even want to give him this last moment. Very sad, great lesson. Good story.

  4. Good story, I.B. It would seem the father's driver is more loyal than the sons. Sad but it sometimes happens. The sons don't seem to appreciate what their father sacrificed for them. Good writing. ---- Suzanne

  5. Dear Arora,

    It's a rare man who will make such a sacrifice for his sons. I hope the son got the message.



  6. Sad indeed. Not few men would do that though

  7. No value for all the sacrifice.