Monday, 18 July 2016

Free Ride
‘I can’t believe it? You don’t feel insulted? She rebuffed you and you are acting as if she told you a joke,’ Dan tried to provoke Pipi.
‘Perhaps she is not my type of girl.’
‘Now you are acting stupid. You need to teach her a lesson.’
‘No girl can dare to humiliate you and get away with it,’ he said arrogantly.
Pipi got overwhelmed by Dan’s outburst.
‘What do you suggest?’
‘You see that new car outside her house; we will take it out for a ride and leave it in New Town,’
‘That would be criminal.’
‘We aren’t stealing it.’
‘But how do we get the key?’
‘Someone blundered; the key is in the car; I saw it when we passed by it,’ Dan smiled mischievously.
They took out the car for a free ride but they could not reach New Town.
They crashed the car into a stationary truck just outside New Town.
Later in the evening Dan learnt that her sister had gone visiting a friend in her new car. She left the key in the car. The car got stolen and was found crashed in a truck near New Town.
A post for Flash Fictionfor Aspiring Writers on a picture prompt

Word count 196


  1. Good grief! They steal the car then crash it! Seems like communicating their feelings about how they were treated would have been the wiser choice. Great story!

  2. That's adding insult to injury haha

  3. They were hoisted with their own petard!

  4. that's Karma, nice story