Wednesday, 20 July 2016

164 07 July 17th 2016
She was hardly sixteen. Like all girls of her age she ought to have been living a happy, cheery and carefree life. But she was trapped and was condemned to plot an escape from the clutches of her family.
She looked at the pen; it belonged to her grandfather. The old man, she recalled, was almost in love with his pen and would not let anyone even touch it.  She was uncertain whether she could use it to deter him; perhaps a stab in the eye would hurt him.
As the door opened she felt a tremor rising deep inside her. She tried, but vainly, to give a deadpan look as he stepped in. The fear was overpowering.
She could hear her mother; she was in the kitchen. The mother was, as usual, busy cooking and muttering some inanities.
The mother stopped, but for a moment only, when she heard an ear-splitting scream. She looked towards the girl’s room.
A pen, blood dripping from its nib, rolled out of her daughter’s room.
A post for Three Word Wednesday;  word prompt- carefree, deadpan, ear-splitting
and Sunday Photo Fiction on a photo prompt.

Word count 172


  1. A great way to stop a monster. I like how you integrated all the prompts. I like it. Plus the karma. A good bonus touch :-)

    1. but i'm not sure if the girl could stop him, he could have hurt her with that pen. thanks for stopping by

  2. People like that deserve a pen through the eye.

  3. A dark story indeed. Where has the mother been when this evil grandfather has been casting a shadow over the household. He seems to have been ruling by fear. The young granddaughter has been paying the price. If a pen through the eye was her only defence then it was. What a shame if he used it against the girl. If so, he needs to finally pay the price in prison. Good writing I.B. ---- Suzanne